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About us

Established in 1972, THANOS PROPERTIES is currently one of the leading real estate agencies based and operating in Athens, Greece. While we focus on the real estate market in the north suburbs of Athens, we also provide services with respect to an extensive portfolio of selected properties across the country.

Thanks to our longstanding presence in the Greek real estate market we have created a significant portfolio of all types of properties (including land lots, residential or commercial properties) available for sale or rental. In addition, we have established a network of prominent experts and professionals, such as lawyers, notaries, architects and engineers, available to provide services at the request of our clients. Finally, we keep business relationships with a number of banks in Greece to whom we intermediate for the granting of loans to our clients.

We consider our competitive advantage to be our in-depth knowledge of the real estate market, which allows us to have a better view in the pricing of the properties and contribute to the quick and smooth conclusion of the transactions, in an efficient way.

Our principal ambition is to bring the provision of real estate services in Greece to a new level of competence, quality of service and integrity.